Nebraska Department of Labor NDN

Norfolk and Madison County saw a significant jump in unemployment claims in April.

According to numbers released by the Nebraska Department of Labor on Friday morning, Norfolk’s unemployment rate jumped from 4.1% in March to 7% in April. Last year at this time, Norfolk’s unemployment rate was at 2.9%.

The numbers reflect an increase that was felt statewide. Nebraska’s unemployment rate climbed from 4.3% in March to 8.3% in April.

Labor commissioner John H. Albin said the increase is an effect of the pandemic.

“While Nebraska wasn’t impacted as severely as other states, the numbers reflect that COVID-19 dramatically affected our state in April,” Albin said. “We have seen new unemployment claims decline in May but continue to see a high volume of continued weeks of unemployment claimed.”

The unemployment rate for Madison County did not increase as sharply, rising to 6.4% in April from 4% in March. Last year at this time, the county’s unemployment rate sat at 2.7%.

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