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TEKAMAH — Burt County Public Power District’s board and management are moving forward with a storage-plus-solar project, which is to be built within Burt County’s service territory.

The distribution-connected generation project will be a combination of solar energy and a battery storage system.

The 6 megawatt hour storage system will enable the interconnected renewable energy generation facility to become a dispatchable resource.

Burt County Public Power District expects to experience financial value from the project through various load management activities, increasing sales during load control hours and reducing line losses and long-term price certainty, while creating a new energy product for their retail customers.

The project was developed specifically for Burt County Public Power District by Bluestem Energy Solutions. The final development and design is the outcome of optimizing Burt County’s electric distribution system and its existing power supply obligations.

Numerous generating technologies, combinations of and strategies were investigated throughout the Bluestem development process. The proposed solar-plus-storage project was chosen based on favorable economics compared with the other proposed options.

“(We are) excited to enter into a public-private partnership with a local company to provide competitive and sustainable power to our customers,” said Jon Dockhorn, general manager of Burt County Public Power.

“Battery storage systems have become an important part of the generation-planning process. They have reached new price points (that) are competitive and create immediate financial value,” said Will Crane, director of Product Management at Bluestem Energy Solutions.

The solar-plus-storage project will generate and distribute the energy locally on the public power district’s distribution system.

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