Platte County

HUMPHREY — What would a new pool in Humphrey look like and how much would it cost?

The Humphrey City Council approved a study this month to answer those questions and more.

Viv Novotny and Dave Henke of JEO Consulting Group of Wahoo were on hand to discuss the study.

Henke said they took photos of the pool, and there are numerous problems with the pool — including that it has been leaking for years.

The study will include an estimate of the life expectancy of a new pool, layout for a new pool, a potential new site and at its current site and funding.

Mayor Lonnie Weidner said there are not a lot of options for a new site.

“Unless someone has an idea of a new location, we’re probably hemmed in where we’re at. Property is hard to come by in town here,” he said.

Council member Alan Eisenmenger added he thought the current location near the park is ideal.

Andy Reigel, council member, said there might be an opportunity to purchase land to the east of the current pool, which is still close to the park.

Henke said the timeframe for a new pool is 18 months after financing is in place.

“After this study, the next step is to figure out how you’re going to pay for — apply for grants if you’re going to apply for grants,” he said.

Weidner said he is more concerned with financing than construction.

The cost of the study is $15,000, which the city has in the budget. It has been budgeting for a new pool and has $300,000 in that fund. The cost could be reduced about $1,500 if the city does not look at a new site.

The study does not obligate the city to build a new pool.

Reigel supported the study.

“In my opinion, our pool is the eyesore of the town. I get a lot of complaints in the summertime from parents,” he said.

Bob Preister, council member, said the pool is popular with kids and he thought it was used more last summer than in previous summers.

“When they could open,” Reigel said. “There were multiple days they couldn’t open for various reasons, like not enough water in the pool.”

Henke said the problems with the pool are not unusual for a pool built in the 1960s.

“I know you got your money’s worth out of it,” he said.

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