Kisses is a special kitten that needs a loving, lifelong home. He is staying at Animal Shelter of Northeast Nebraska.

Kisses can be seen and played with and held by those interested in adopting him. Kisses is a 5-month-old male orange tabby. He is almost blind. Kisses is believed to be able to see some movements and perhaps shadows. Kisses gets around well.

He knows where his food and water dishes are and knows where the litter box is. Kisses became visually impaired when he was younger and had an upper respiratory infection. The infection spread to his eyes, and the vision loss occurred.

Shelter staff said this cute kitty is sweet. He loves to cuddle and play, and likes toys. Kisses responds to voices and reaches his little front paws out and turns his face toward the voice.

This adorable kitten does well with the things that he experiences and is described as being “pretty much a regular cat.” Kisses should, of course, be an indoor cat. He does have eye drops that he will always need.

This precious kitten will be a loving companion and be affectionate. Those interested should call 402-750-4665, or stop by the shelter at 1000 Omaha Ave.

This adoption article is provided by Heartland Animal Advocates.