Riggin Temple

A Norfolk man was arrested Thursday after he was found passed out in a running pickup on Highway 275 east of Norfolk.

The Stanton County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a pickup sitting in the inside westbound-lane of Highway 275 early Thursday afternoon, said Sheriff Mike Unger.

Once on scene, officers found the pickup was running and the driver inside was passed out with his foot on the brake pedal, Unger said.

The pickup was secured and the driver, Riggin Temple, 21, was awakened. He appeared to be under the influence, and told officers he believed that he was near LeMars, Iowa, Unger said.

Temple was arrested on charges of possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, driving under the influence of drugs, no valid registration, no proof of insurance and no driver's license, Unger said.

Temple’s pickup reportedly was driving erratically south of Wayne on Highway 15 about 30 minutes earlier, Unger said.

In other news

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