NDN Arrested action 2

Norfolk police officers made a drug arrest Thursday after a man was found sleeping in a running car.

Officers arrived in the 1200 block of Koenigstein Avenue last Thursday morning after they were called to check on a man asleep in a running car, said Capt. Michael Bauer in a press release.

The officers found a man passed out in the passenger seat. They recognized him as Riley Hamilton, 22, of Norfolk, Bauer said.

Officers woke Hamilton up and found a glass pipe commonly used to smoke illegal drugs. When Hamilton left the vehicle, the officers saw a dark ball wrapped in clear plastic, Bauer said.

The pipe tested positive for methamphetamine and the dark substance tested positive for heroin, Bauer said. Officers also found almost 100 small plastic baggies.

Hamilton was arrested in connection with possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. He was taken to Norfolk City Jail before being transferred to Madison County Jail, Bauer said.

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