“Neither Wolf Nor Dog”

The success of Scottish director Steven Lewis Simpson's adaptation of the Minnesota Book Award-winning novel, “Neither Wolf Nor Dog,” defies logic — Hollywood logic, that is.

It was audience financed with 18 shoot days, a tiny crew, a 95-year-old star and a self-distributed release that started in small towns and is outperforming Hollywood blockbusters in numerous multiplexes.

The film has had a longer theatrical run than any other U.S. film released in the past decade. It has become the most popular non-Hollywood Native American film in years.

The film makes a one-time screening at the Norfolk Arts Center in Norfolk on Saturday, Oct. 26, at 6 p.m. Based on the best-selling Native American novel by Kent Nerburn, who was born in Minnesota, “Neither Wolf Nor Dog” takes audiences on a deeply moving road trip through contemporary and historical Lakota life and culture.

Its humor is wry and pulls no punches, introducing deep characters and poignant vignettes that challenge the audience to see the world a bit differently.

Tickets for the screening may be purchased at the Norfolk Arts Center.

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