Luke Noffke, the son of Norfolk residents Randy and Edie Noffke, is $37,970 richer after his Thursday appearance on the game show “Wheel of Fortune.” 

The 1998 graduate of Norfolk High School who now lives in Southern California was the top winner on Thursday’s episode, making it to the final round for a chance to nearly double his winnings.

Noffke told the Daily News in a recent phone interview that there was one thing he wished he could have done differently in his appearance on the show, but he was not allowed to talk about the show’s outcome until the episode aired.

Noffke picked the letters “D,” “F,” “B” and “O” to fill in spaces during the final round of the show, but the letters “W,” “Q” and “K” were key clues needed to fill out the phrase “We Quickly Found Out.”

A bonus round win would have increased his winnings by an additional $38,000.

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