Germany Ostrich

A young ostrich bird stands in a cage in an animal shelter in Krefeld, Germany, Saturday, Sept.11, 2021. At the city forest in Krefeld, two passers-by had discovered and captured a free-ranging baby ostrich on Friday evening. The young animal spent the night in the care of the Krefeld hunting commissioner. In the morning the ostrich was taken to its temporary new home at the animal shelter. 

BERLIN (AP) — Is anyone missing an ostrich?

An animal shelter says it is looking for the owner of an ostrich chick that was found in the German town of Krefeld late Friday.

O Saturday passers-by called the fire service after catching the 4-foot-6 tall bird in a town park.

A vet found the 4-to-5-month-old chick to be in good health, dpa reported.

Krefeld Zoo said the bird wasn’t one of theirs.

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