Josh Moenning

Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning announced Tuesday that he will seek re-election as mayor of Norfolk in the 2020 election cycle.

Moenning was elected mayor in 2016. Prior to that, he served as a Norfolk Third Ward Councilman from 2012-16.

"Continuing Norfolk's growth while maintaining consistent city services is my priority,” Moenning said. “There are strong signs of forward movement throughout the community, and we've worked hard to build an environment that shouts to the world, ‘Norfolk is open for business.’ We have more work to do in reforming street construction and preservation practices and modernizing city infrastructure. Getting our infrastructure to a standard worthy of a first-class city will be a top priority. And we must keep pressing our state and federal leaders to build the four-lane highways that northeast Nebraskans were promised decades ago but never delivered.”

Under Moenning's leadership, Norfolk has experienced significant growth, including sales tax receipts, which is at record highs.

New housing and commercial construction has steadily increased since 2017, and new multi-family housing units reached an all-time high in 2019. Significant quality of life enhancements have come to being in areas of recreation, health care, park and trail additions, public art initiatives, and ongoing downtown development.

Planned projects dot the horizon for 2020, such as the reconstruction of Braasch Avenue, finalization of Benjamin Avenue redesign, bridge repairs, gap paving, a new business park, a new skate park and the largest community solar project in the state.

Several people have spoken in favor of Moenning's service.

Former Norfolk Mayor Jim Miller said Moenning leads by example and brings the best out of others.

“His vision, inspiration, and values are just three reasons to re-elect Mayor Moenning for a second term,” Miller said.

“There is no doubt Josh Moenning has made the City of Norfolk more business friendly,” said Norfolk business owner John Dinkel. “I am also very impressed with the time he has taken to genuinely listen to concerns and suggestions from citizens and respond to them — such as improving snow removal processes for example.”

Jared Faltys, another business owner, also praised his community enhancements.

“Mayor Moenning’s leadership has opened doors to new development and investment in Norfolk that wasn’t possible before,” Faltys said. “His administration encourages creativity, partnership and problem-solving, an attitude we must have for progress.”

Moenning owns and operates a small business in the field of renewable energy development. He also assists his family's beef business.

He’s served as District Director for U.S. Congressman Jeff Fortenberry and also as director of the infrastructure group 4 Lanes 4 Nebraska. He has two children.

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