A Norfolk man was arrested Saturday night on suspicion of assault after police found a woman with facial injuries.

Capt. Michael Bauer said about 11:25 p.m. Saturday, Norfolk police were called to an apartment in the 1300 block of East Grove Avenue for a disturbance. The caller stated that there were adults and children yelling in one of the apartments. When officers arrived, the adults and children were still yelling.

Officers knocked for several minutes and no one would open the door, Bauer said. Officers then entered the apartment, where they saw suspected blood and signs of an apparent struggle. They located 33-year-old Emmanuel Flores of Norfolk exiting a bedroom.

Flores was uncooperative with the officers and would not say who was injured and bleeding, according to Bauer. Officers were eventually able to locate an injured adult female and two children hiding in a bedroom closet. The female’s left eye was swollen shut and bruised, and she had a bloody nose, Bauer said.

Flores was arrested on suspicion of third-degree domestic assault. He was housed in the Norfolk City Jail and later transferred to the Madison County Jail.

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