Lower Elkhorn NRD NDN

The fiscal-year 2020-21 budget for the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District has been approved by the NRD’s board of directors.

The budget totals about $13 million, with a tax request of $4,512,659 from local property taxes. The estimated levy, based on the property tax request, is 2.436 cents per $100 of valuation, which is less than half of the amount it has the authority to levy. The levy is a slight increase from the previous fiscal-year levy of 2.370 cents per $100 of valuation.

Among the major expenditures for 2021 include nearly $2 million for levee and flood protection projects in communities such as West Point, Randolph and Scribner, and $1.3 million to flood-related repairs in the district. Projects to evaluate watershed plans for Maple Creek and Battle Creek, to be funded by federal and state grants, also are included.

“Through these projects and studies, we’re proud to give the funds back to the local taxpayers,” said Mike Sousek, general manager of the NRD. “We’re working very diligently to be responsible with our budget as we continue to meet the challenges of protecting our natural resources for the future.”

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