HASTINGS — A coalition of landowners, tribal nations and environmental groups has been fighting the proposed Keystone XL pipeline for 10 years.

On Tuesday, the coalition sent a letter to all Democratic presidential candidates, urging them to take the “NoKXL Pledge” making it clear that on their first day in office, they will revoke the unilateral permit that President Donald Trump issued for the pipeline.

The letter specifically urges the Democratic presidential candidates to pledge to immediately revoke the permits issued by Trump for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

It also urges candidates to pledge to direct all federal agencies (State Department, FERC, Army Corps) to submit these two projects — as well as all new energy infrastructure projects — to a true “climate test” and reject any project that will exacerbate the climate crisis.

Further, it calls on the Democratic candidates to protect property rights from eminent domain abuse and to honor U.S. treaties with sovereign tribal nations.

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