Arrest action NDN

A 17-year-old woman was arrested in connection with multiple charges, including assault on an officer with bodily fluid and resisting arrest early Sunday afternoon.

The incident began after Norfolk police officers found a juvenile women who had left a group home without permission. The 17-year-old was placed in the back seat of a patrol car, said Capt. Michael Bauer in a press release.

The officers returned the juveniles to the group home and were speaking with the staff when the woman was able to squeeze through an opening in the vehicle’s rear seat barrier to the front seat. From there, she was able to leave the vehicle, Bauer said.

She was able to run a short way before an officer caught her. She resisted being handcuffed and would not walk back to the vehicle, so she had to be carried. During this time, she kicked one officer and spat on another, Bauer said.

She was arrested in connection with third-degree assault on an officer, assault on an officer with bodily fluid, obstructing an officer and resisting arrest. She was taken to the Madison County Juvenile Detention Center, Bauer said.

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