Jose Villalpando and Trey Raitt

Jose Villalpando, 39, and Trey Raitt, 28, were arrested in Glendale, Arizona, on Monday. They had been missing from an Omaha correctional facility since March 20. 

A pair of inmates serving prison sentences for crimes committed in Cuming and Platte counties were reported missing by corrections officials on Monday.

At 8:14 p.m., Community Corrections Center-Omaha received an alert indicating that two inmates had tampered with their electronic monitoring devices, said Dayne Urbanovsky, strategic communications director for the Nebraska Department of Corrections.

Jose Villalpando, 39, and Trey Raitt, 28, were both at the corrections center immediately before the alert, and their last known location was near the Open Door Mission in Omaha. Urbanovsky said law enforcement authorities had been alerted.

Villalpando is serving a sentence of 10 years and 20 months to 15 years and 36 months out of Cuming County for burglary. He is scheduled for a parole hearing later this month. Raitt is serving a sentence of 4 years and 40 months to 14 years out of Platte County for criminal mischief and two counts of assault. Raitt has a parole hearing scheduled for August.

Anyone with knowledge of the missing inmates’ whereabouts is asked to contact local authorities or the Nebraska State Patrol.

Community Corrections Center-Omaha is one of two community custody facilities operated by the Nebraska Department of Corrections. Community custody is the lowest custody level and the least restrictive facility. Inmates are allowed to participate in work opportunities and attend school and religious services with prior approval and without direct supervision.

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