Green streets

The intersection of Second Street and Omaha Avenue had a noticeably dark green hue Friday afternoon after a truck spilled ink. The rain and traffic will wear down the stains relatively quickly, city engineers said.

It wasn’t a belated St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

A shipment of ink leaked onto one of Norfolk’s major thoroughfares Friday morning, temporarily transforming portions of the road, curbs and even signs low to the ground on the westbound lanes of Highway 275 into a dark green color.

Steve Rames, Norfolk city engineer, said at about 10:30 a.m. Friday, a truck spilled purple ink on the street. Because of reactions with air, it turned into dark green. The ink is non-toxic to people.

The Norfolk Fire Division was alerted to the spill, and the company that owns the truck called in a team for repairs and clean-up for the truck. Rames said there isn’t much the city can do to clean up the road, but heavy rains on Friday and the heavy traffic that usually passes on the street should cause the stains to fade away relatively quickly.

In other news

O’NEILL — The North Central District Health Department is seeking community feedback on its COVID-19 response. Feedback will offer NCDHD a chance to reflect on its current response and adapt to better serve North Central Nebraska communities during future waves of COVID-19.

At about 10:28 p.m. on Thursday, 929 customers lost power because a tree fell into some power lines.