Programs focusing on affordable housing and neighborhood stability are among those that may be eligible for First National Bank of Omaha’s community development grant.

First National is now accepting applications for the grant cycle, which also focuses on entrepreneurship and small-business development.

“At (First National) we are committed to the long-term success of all the communities we call home,” said Alec Gorynski, vice president of community development and corporate philanthropy for the bank. “We firmly believe that a community will be successful when everyone has access to stable and affordable housing in a safe and vibrant neighborhood. Likewise, a successful community contains local businesses of all sizes and types that produce a variety of goods and services and employ the local workforce.”

Programs must be implemented for the benefit of low- or moderate-income individuals, families or communities within the First National footprint, and they must align with one of the following goals:

— Increasing access to safe, affordable and quality housing through construction, site development, housing rehabilitation, homeownership education or foreclosure prevention programs and services and/or stimulating revitalization that attracts or retains individuals and/or businesses to blighted, underserved and distressed communities.

— Growing local economies through small-business and entrepreneurial development and job creation by supporting training, technical assistance, education and microfinance.

Gorynski added that the bank’s Community Development Grant Program invests in community organizations that are working to bring neighborhoods back to life, increase availability of affordable housing, provide homeownership education and foreclosure prevention services, as well as those working to provide training, technical assistance, education and microfinance.

First National will operate two grant cycles in 2020 dedicated to specific focus areas. The first 2020 grant cycle opened on Wednesday, and the bank will accept applications from eligible nonprofit community organizations for affordable housing, neighborhood stability, entrepreneurship and small-business development until Wednesday, Jan. 29. To apply, visit: www.fnbo.com/community.

The second 2020 grant cycle will open on Wednesday, June 3, for educated workforce programs, which are dedicated to strengthening individual core competencies that will improve personal economic self-sufficiency, including adult basic education and vocational and employability training.

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