Dr. Jocelyn Bailey and her mom, Diane Bailey

Dr. Jocelyn Bailey and her mom, Diane Bailey, will be featured on House Hunters on HGTV as the doctor hunts for a new home in the Omaha area. She is a former Norfolk doctor.

An Omaha doctor’s search for a home will be featured this week on an episode of HGTV’s “House Hunters.”

Dr. Jocelyn Bailey, an internal medicine doctor at Methodist Hospital, moved from Norfolk to Omaha last winter to be closer to family. As she and her mother, Diane, looked at three homes in Omaha’s fast-selling housing market, an HGTV crew had the cameras rolling.

The show will air at 9 p.m. Thursday on HGTV.

Diane and husband Steve, Bailey’s parents, have designed and built homes in the past, so Bailey said she was grateful to have her mom by her side — someone who was focused on the nuts and bolts of home-buying.

“I’m more (about) looks and feels of homes, while she is ... going to dissect the practical details,” said Bailey, 37.

A crew from the show came to town in November and December and shot the episode over five 8-hour days, she said. They looked at homes in Elkhorn and Millard.

Show producers found Bailey through Shelli Klemke, a real estate agent with Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate. When they asked Klemke if she had any clients who would be good for the show, Klemke knew just the person: Bailey, her longtime friend from childhood.

Klemke said the experience gave her an up-close look at the process of making television.

“It was interesting watching it from a television perspective — from the different shots they need and how many times you have to say, ‘Wow, look at that light fixture,’ ” Klemke said, laughing.

Family and friends will gather at Klemke’s home Thursday for a red carpet-themed watch party, complete with popcorn and fun toppings.

Until the episode airs, Bailey is keeping quiet about which home she chose, where she now lives with her yellow Lab, Ivy.

She said she’s excited to see Omaha get some airtime.

“I’ve traveled a lot of places in the world, and I really think Nebraska’s a great place,” Bailey said. “So it’s fun to be able to feature Omaha.”

Last year, a Papillion family was featured in an episode of “House Hunters Family,” a spinoff of the series where parents and kids search for homes together.

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