Nebraska Department of Transportation

The Nebraska Department of Transportation announced Friday the opening of the Highway 13 bridge east of Hadar and about 4 miles north of Norfolk.

The Hadar bridge is the final bridge on the state system to be reopened as a result of damage sustained from the March 2019 flooding that resulted in the closure of 3,300 state highway miles and 27 state highway bridges. As of Friday, all highway miles and bridges affected by the flood are now open.

The state transportation department partnered with consultant Wilson & Co. Inc., Engineer & Architects, Omaha, who designed the bridge, and contractor, Herbst Construction of Le Mars, Iowa, who received the $2.8 million contract for bridge replacement. Additional work, including guardrail surfacing, grading and seeding, will be completed under traffic in the spring.

Motorists are reminded to drive cautiously through work zones and always wear a seatbelt.

“I’m proud of the partnership that made the reopening of this bridge possible,” said Kyle Schneweis, director of the state transportation department. “The community has endured a great hardship without their major transportation route and we thank them for their patience. It is a day to celebrate as we reopen this bridge and restore mobility for the community.”

Transportation officials said they express appreciation to all involved for their partnership, effort and dedication on completing repairs to the Hadar bridge, as well as all involved in completing repairs to the other 26 highway bridges damaged during the spring flooding.

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