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Jim and Lanita Recob and their family in Laurel.

Jim and Lanita Recob live in Laurel (population 927). The Recobs served as co-owners of Northeast Equipment with dealerships in Bloomfield, Hartington, Laurel and Wayne. Lanita also taught school in Coleridge and in 2000 became a technology trainer for the Educational Service Units of Nebraska for nine years.

Today, Jim and Lanita are enjoying retirement, their three grown children, and eight grandchildren (shown above).

How long have you lived in Laurel?

Lanita has lived in the Laurel area all her life. Jim has been in Laurel for 42 years.

What do love most about your community?

Laurel is a great place to live and raise a family. It's home! Whenever and wherever we go, it's always good to be back home. It's the center of Northeast Nebraska. We have access to anything we want and need.

Is there something special about Laurel that is surprising, or that makes it unique?

It has everything the big towns have in a small community setting: school, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, attorneys, grocery store, restaurant, banks, car dealership, etc. We don't have to go out of town for anything. Most small towns only have access to some of these.

If you could change something about your hometown, what would that be?

Downtown revitalization is happening over the next couple years. That will fulfill our most immediate need. Other major projects are in the works … stay tuned!

How would you describe your community to a pen pal in another country?

Laurel is a farming community with new industries and businesses as well as a great consolidated school.

What makes you most proud of your community?

Laurel has completed several projects because community members have creativity and imagination. We have a swimming pool that was built with grants and private donations, a public library that is a joint venture with the school, a golf course that was started and funded by individuals, and a new medical clinic that was privately funded.

What are your dreams for your hometown?

That folks continually think about what future generations will want and need. It's time to build for the future. We want to keep Laurel an attractive community to work, live and raise a family in.

What is your relationship to your local Nebraska Community Foundation affiliated fund?

We are blessed to be part of the Laurel Area Community Foundation Fund Advisory Committee, an affiliated fund of Nebraska Community Foundation. We raised a great family and had successful careers in Laurel. The fund is a great opportunity to pay back and pay it forward for the future growth and development of Laurel and Nebraska.

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