Rescue efforts underway

SEARCH AND rescue personnel meet to work out details on sweeping the town of Pilger to look for any victims that may still be trapped following Monday's tornado.

The Norfolk City Council meeting opened Monday with City Administrator Shane Weidner describing Norfolk efforts to assist tornado-ravaged Pilger.

One farm house that was destroyed had three people trapped inside the basement who were all freed by Norfolk fire and rescue personnel.

The city opened its Emergency Operations Center in support of rescue efforts. Police personnel were called in to assist with security.

Assistant Fire Chief Trent Howard was called out as were rescue units, including one on standby to cover Stanton, and the Hazmat rig to deal with chemicals at the destroyed Pilger co-op and other equipment.

Mayor Sue Fuchtman also spoke with Stanton Mayor Colleen Paden, who told her it looked like that city itself came through OK.

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