One of the most highly anticipated Madison County road construction projects in recent years is scheduled to get started next week.

Troy Uhlir, Madison County board chairman, said a preconstruction meeting took place this week, with a timetable figured out for a significant portion of Old Hadar Road.

Reconstruction of both miles of Old Hadar Road in Madison County is scheduled to take place this year, although this will be the worst mile and a half worked on. The mile in Pierce County is in much better shape than the two in Madison County and was resurfaced earlier.

Uhlir said the portion worked on would be closed Tuesday, April 13, to begin preparations. Actual construction will start Wednesday, April 14, and will go from north to south.

Old Hadar Road will be closed from Kaneb Road south to the Northern Heights Baptist Church that is just north of Eisenhower Avenue. Flaggers will stop traffic, with just local traffic expected to go through.

The alternate route includes using Highway 13 east from Hadar to Highway 81.

Crews will mill the 2 or 3 inches of asphalt that is left. Then Porter Construction of Norfolk will rebuild the base, including using the old surface.

Once the base work is completed, the road will be covered with concrete. A & R Construction of Plainview is the contractor.

The work is expected to take most of summer but could be quicker if the weather cooperates, Uhlir said.

The final half-mile of Old Hadar Road toward Eisenhower Avenue has a stable base and will just have a new asphalt resurface. That will be a separate project that will be completed as part of the roughly 19 miles of projects that Western Engineering of Harlan, Iowa, is doing in the county.

Old Hadar Road was in rough shape for years and scheduled to be worked on in 2019. Then the flood came in March of that year, and work got delayed as resurfacing of other projects happened first. Plus the base was so wet, it needed time to dry out.

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