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MADISON — Following a discussion of all the county machinery needs, the Madison County board of commissioners will consider issuing bonds.

After discussing Wednesday each of the district’s immediate needs, commissioners voted 3-0 to contact a bond underwriter to determine the interest rates the county could get.

Commissioner Troy Uhlir said based on previous discussions with a bond underwriter, the county could get a lower interest rate by combining all the equipment needs — estimated to cost between $1.5 million and $1.7 million — than to have several bond issuances separately.

Along with asking vendors for requests for proposals, the county also could purchase equipment off the state contract, which does not have to be advertised for.

The county has purchased used equipment in the past frequently but is seeking to purchase new or like new equipment to upgrade its stock. The county has $250,000 in its budget for new equipment, but that isn’t enough to meet the immediate needs.

As part of the discussions, commissioners discussed the most pressing needs, including:

District 1: New dump truck and skid loader.

District 2: New patch truck (used to repair roads), motor grader, new loader.

District 3: New dump truck, semi-cab and an excavator used to insert tubes for drainage.

In addition, the county could use another maintainer, with the district that gets it then sharing one of its used maintainers with another district.

Commissioners said they do not need snow plows for any of the dump trucks, as they are in decent shape. The new dump trucks also could be used to push snow.

Given the size of the possible bond issuance, commissioners asked Dick Johnson, Madison County road superintendent and a veteran member of the budget committee, if the county board would have to reopen the budget.

Johnson said he isn’t sure, but there might be enough funds available from within the budget that the county could shift funds, “but we’d also have to be able to transfer it back.”

Commissioners said there also is a lag time usually when the county purchases an item and before it is delivered. In addition, commissioners said they could consider leasing equipment.

Once commissioners receive an idea on interest rates, they said, they will decide how they want to proceed.

The Madison County board of commissioners met Wednesday.

Members present: Chairman Ron Schmidt, Troy Uhlir and Christian Ohl.

Others in attendance: Anne Pruss, county clerk; Richard Johnson, county highway superintendent; Todd Volk, sheriff; four from the public and two reporters.

Meeting lasted: Two hours, 10 minutes.


* Received an update from the sheriff that work has begun on the county’s new communications tower that will be used by the sheriff’s department and road department and others.

* Set the date and time for the Monday, Nov. 25, commissioners’ meeting at 2 p.m.

* Set the date and time for Monday, Dec. 23, commissioners’ meeting at 2 p.m.

* Authorized the board chairman to execute the certification statement for the Cost Allocation Plan based on actual costs for the fiscal year which ended

June 30, 2018.

* Acknowledged receipt of the official bond of Sam Kohler as clerk for Sanitary District 5.

* Approved the 2020 county board meeting schedule and the 2020 holiday schedule.

* Approved a paper recycling agreement, with GreenFiber Paper for County Extension and Veterans Service offices and authorized the county board chairman to execute the agreement.

* Approved the final documents and receipt of payment from Norman and Candace Clark for the sale of county-owned property located in the City of Norfolk. The property had been advertised and the county held a public hearing on it. The land, located near the Elkhorn River, had been acquired by the county in a tax foreclosure.

* Approved an interlocal agreement with Stanton County for construction and repair of the Stanton Northwest bridge project with an estimated cost of $169,392. Stanton County is expected to consider the agreement on Monday, Oct. 21.

* Authorized having the county board chairman execute a service agreement renewal with One Office Solution for a Sharp copier service agreement for the Veterans Service Office.

* Reviewed written reports and processed claims.

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