David Victor

DAVID VICTOR, a former singer and guitarist for the rock band Boston, will headline the final Music in the Park concert series in Norfolk on Sunday, Sept. 1, at Skyview Park in Norfolk.

For anyone feeling down about the end of summer that Labor Day sometimes brings, Skyview Park in Norfolk will offer a cure to chase away the blues.

The final Music in the Park for the year will take place Sunday, with three performances and more than five hours of live music. It will include singer and guitarist David Victor, who performed with the rock band Boston.

Victor actually has performed with six bands over several decades of touring, including the Platinum Rockstars, with whom he will be performing on Sunday.

Victor said it was like a dream come true when he was chosen to play with Boston. He was performing with a cover band when he was singing the Boston song, “Smokin’ ” on a video on YouTube that came to the band’s attention.

“They liked what they heard and they kind of checked me out for about a year or two calling places that we played,” Victor said. Eventually he was invited to record with the band in 2010.

Victor toured with Boston on North American tours in 2012 and 2014, including a previous performance at Divots in Norfolk in 2012.

Victor said Boston was the first band that he listened to heavily when he started playing guitar at 16. He heard his sister’s boyfriend play the first few notes of “More than a Feeling” and pursued it heavily.

While Victor grew up listening to some of his dad’s records — including the Beatles, Doors and Rolling Stones — he credits groups like Boston with helping to define the next wave of rock music.

“This was our band, kind of like this was our generation,” he said. “It was like ‘OK, now we have something that we can call our own.’ ”

Even today, the Boston debut album stands up as it was beautifully produced, he said.

Victor, who has recorded six of his own albums, said he has noticed when he gets up on stage and performs with Boston, people would become “transfixed.”

“I mean that in a nice way,” he said. “They would get overcome with emotion and just hypnotized with the music.”

On Sunday, Victor will be playing with the Platinum Rockstars, which will feature a variety of songs and original music.

It includes some of the greatest hits of the 1970s and 1980s, but not the obvious choices. It will include songs by such bands as Thin Lizzy and Stevie Ray Vaughan and other music that appeals personally to Victor.

Then after a break, Victor and his bandmates will return and do Boston songs and more.

After talking to Victor, it is easy to tell he is passionate about performing. He also studies music and teaches students guitar and vocals.

He said music is powerful and can circumvent all logic. It’s like how a smell can transpose people.

“It works the same way,” Victor said. “You’re transported back to where you were when you first heard the song and what you were feeling. People that hear Boston might have graduated in 1976, or 1977 or 1978 or whenever. They hear a song and they are brought right back to those days when they feel young and they feel alive. It’s a beautiful feeling.”

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To learn more about David Victor and Platinum Rockstars, go to www.davidvictorpresents.com.

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