2020 in 2020 NDN

Thanks to a variety of partnerships and citizen engagement, the goal of distributing and planting 2,020 trees in Norfolk in 2020 was exceeded in just under three months.

The 2020 in 2020 campaign, introduced in February, included the Community Tree Recovery, a program of the Arbor Day Foundation and the emerald ash borer grant program from the Peter Kiewit Foundation, which provided 250 free trees to Norfolkans for planting at their residences. The City of Norfolk and Johansen’s Greenhouse coordinated efforts for the weeklong distribution in late April.

More tree activities and distributions were made possible by the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District, Aftershock, Children of the Trees, The Zone, Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk Area Chamber, Norfolk Now and participating businesses. Altogether, more than 2,075 trees were distributed and planted. The city recreation department will continue planting trees in parks and public areas throughout the spring and also during the fall.

“Norfolkans blew past our goal, even more quickly than we anticipated,” said Mayor Josh Moenning. “I really appreciated seeing so many families and children engaged in tree planting together. As it turns out, a silver lining of the last few weeks is people getting outdoors and improving their living spaces with new plantings. As they grow, kids see their trees grow, and it’s a great life lesson. Trees are an important part of building a better community.”

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