Masks NDN

The Norfolk City Council will discuss enforcing an ordinance to require the use of face masks at a special meeting on Monday.

The meeting will be at noon on Monday, Nov. 23.

If passed, the ordinance will require people age 5 or older to wear a face covering at any indoor premises that are open to the public. An exception is made for when a person can maintain 6 feet of social distance from anyone who’s not a member of his or her household.

There are a number of other exceptions to the proposed ordinance. These include:

— Individuals seeking services from federal, state or county services.

— While eating or while sitting at a bar or restaurant.

— Employees at a workplace when wearing a face covering would create a safety hazard.

— People officiating at religious services.

— People who are alone in an office, room or vehicle.

— People at workstation with a plexiglass barrier around it.

— When communicating with someone who is deaf, hard of hearing or has a mental or physical health condition that makes communication with a mask difficult.

— While swimming or showering.

— While exercising at a gym or similar facility.

— Public safety workers engaged in a public safety role.

— Participants in a sporting event, but only while playing.

Mayor Josh Moenning called the special city council meeting in a memo to the council members dated for Thursday.

In other news

O’NEILL — The North Central District Health Department issued a press release Friday notifying the public that the COVID-19 California variant (B.1.429) had been identified in the district.