Arrest action NDN

The Norfolk Police Division recovered some stolen presents this weekend, just in time for Christmas.

On Friday, police were called to a residence on the 300 block of South Fifth Street for a residential burglary. The victim said several wrapped Christmas presents and $200 in cash were missing. Additionally, two televisions were damaged. The victim identified Ralf Books, 46, of Norfolk as a possible suspect, according to a press release from Capt. Mike Bauer of the Norfolk Police Division.

Officers later located Books’ vehicle in the 1300 block of Monroe Avenue, but Books was not on scene.

In the vehicle, officers could see wrapping paper remnants that were the same type the missing presents had been wrapped in. This was later confirmed by the victim, who arrived on scene with a sample of the paper.

The vehicle was towed to the police station and on Saturday officers executed a search warrant on the vehicle. The officers recovered some of the stolen presents, as well as property that was reported stolen in another burglary earlier last week.

Books was located later in the day Saturday and arrested in relation to burglary and cited for criminal mischief.

He was housed in Norfolk City Jail before being transferred to Madison County Jail.

In other news

NORFOLK -- A vehicle that reportedly didn’t have working taillights resulted in the arrest of a Norfolk man for fourth offense driving while intoxicated.

MADISON — The Madison County Courthouse will be closed all day Tuesday, Dec. 24, and all day on Wednesday, Dec. 25, in observance of Christmas.