Arrest action NDN

A driver was arrested late Sunday afternoon in connection with driving while intoxicated and other charges.

Josue Larios-Ramos, 31, of Norfolk was stopped by the Stanton County Sheriff’s office after he was seen driving on the shoulder of Highway 24 west of Stanton, according to a press release from Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger.

An investigation revealed Larios-Ramos was intoxicated and had two prior arrests in relation to driving while intoxicated this year.

He was arrested in connection with driving while intoxicated — third offense, driving during suspension, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In other news

NORFOLK -- A vehicle that reportedly didn’t have working taillights resulted in the arrest of a Norfolk man for fourth offense driving while intoxicated.

MADISON — The Madison County Courthouse will be closed all day Tuesday, Dec. 24, and all day on Wednesday, Dec. 25, in observance of Christmas.