Command center

CHAD BOSHART of Lincoln has been busy behind the scenes this week helping to coordinate relief efforts in Pilger by the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency.

Volunteers are not only lining the streets of Pilger, but they're also behind the scenes helping the town in its recovery effort.

The nucleus of the operation lies at the command center on the northwest side of town, just off Highway 15.

Here, volunteers and residents can check in using their name badges, get food and water, and receive medical attention from one of the three Emergency Medical Service vehicles.

The command center is also the hub for behind-the-scenes workers such as Chad Boshart of Lincoln.

Boshart is part of the IT department of the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA). He and his team are bringing in state resources, such as the light tower placed outside of town.

Their main focus, though, is helping to manage the town's recovery from inside a trailer at Pilger's command center. The trailer is equipped with multiple printers, computers and a TV for keeping track of impending weather.

"Our job is to come in and give support to the locals," Boshart said.

 Boshart and his team have divided the town into quadrants A, B, C and D. These four areas are separated by Main Street and the old railroad near First Street.

Each quadrant has houses and businesses in need of clean up. Leaders in those areas let volunteers know what they can work on.

NEMA has also organized a method of sorting recyclable and non-recyclable materials at a transfer station just outside of Pilger.

Boshart and his team printed this list of materials and the map of Pilger quadrants and widely distributed the information to the town for volunteers and residents to use.

Boshart also prints large, detailed maps of the town for organizations such as the American Red Cross.

He said these materials are helping residents and volunteers figure out what needs to be done and how to best organize the recovery process.

"I enjoy doing this because everybody is always so grateful," Boshart said.

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