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SCHUYLER — A rural Schuyler man was arrested early Thursday morning in connection with an earlier shooting that injured two men.

Denise Kracl, county attorney for Colfax County, said 53-year-old Shawn Howell of rural Schuyler was arrested in a related event to the shooting for being a prohibited person in possession of a weapon, specifically a gun.

Sheriff’s deputies and personnel from the Schuyler Police Department responded to multiple 911 calls early in the evening Wednesday regarding a shooting that took place in a home north of Highway 30 in Colfax County, and Schuyler police officers responded to a 911 call from the emergency room entrance of the CHI Hospital in Schuyler.

When officers arrived, they found a Ford F-150 pickup had been driven onto the curb of the hospital property and came to rest about 2 feet from the emergency room entrance.

Officers located two Caucasian men, both of whom had sustained wounds that appeared to be inflicted by a shotgun.

Both men were transferred to a trauma unit for further medical care and, while their injuries were serious, they are expected to survive. Their names are being withheld pending further investigation.

Colfax County sheriff’s deputies responded to a call in rural Colfax County from a woman who said she had heard gunshots at her house. Officers located a scene where several shots had been fired from multiple weapons.

In regard to Howell, Kracl said an active domestic abuse protection order was issued by the county court in Butler County and lawfully served upon him. Any person who is the subject of an active protection order is not legally allowed to possess a firearm or weapon.

Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person is a Class 1D felony, which carries a mandatory minimum sentence of three years and a maximum sentence of 50 years.

The incident remains under investigation, but no other suspects are being sought at this time.

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