Teams from Wausa and Stuart brought home titles from the NSAA State Speech Championships.

The three-day competition took place at Kearney High School last week. Wausa nabbed first place honors in Class D1. Northeast Nebraska teams swept the top three spots in Class D2 with Stuart taking first, Chambers netting second and O’Neill St. Mary’s placing third.

Northeast Nebraska was represented in all classes in a variety of categories. Individuals and teams bringing home medals from the championships were:

Class A

Oral Interpretation of Drama: Sixth — Noah Janke, Courtney Matthies, Abigail Chambers and Anthony Eppolito (Norfolk); Program Oral Interpretation: Sixth — Elliette Mendivil Rodriguez (Norfolk).

Class B

Sweepstakes: Fourth — Schuyler; Duet Acting: Fifth — Joel Medina, Alex Aldana (Schuyler); Entertainment: Fourth — Dalton Svoboda (Pierce); Extemporaneous: First — Elizabeth Harding (Schuyler); OID: Sixth — Gina Alba, A. Aldana, Michael Arriaza (Schuyler); Humorous Prose: Fourth — M. Arriaza (Schuyler); Poetry: Second — Colin Gibbons (Schuyler); Serious Prose: Second — Piper Lefdal (Schuyler); Persuasive: Fourth — E. Harding (Schuyler); Program Oral Interpretation: Third — C. Gibbons (Schuyler).

Class C1

Sweepstakes: Second — Boone Central; Sixth — Homer; Duet: Sixth — Aiden Nore, Lauryn Wright (Boone Central); Entertainment: Third — Pia Bryn (Boone Central); Informative: First — Bryant Peck (Wisner-Pilger); second — Brennen Weidner (Battle Creek); fourth — Marisa Malander (Boone Central); Humorous Prose: Third — Myranda Nelson (Boone Central); sixth — Bradie Johnson (Homer);

OID: Second — Emma Lordemann, Mikayala Dubray, Ashlyn Krohn, Dylan Baumgartner, Tanner Bauld (Boone Central); fourth — Graham Kahlandt, L. Wright, Edwin Naranjo, A. Nore, Brooke Brengelman (Boone Central);

Poetry: Third — Finley Mosner (Valentine); fourth — D. Baumgartner (Boone Central); Serious Prose: Fifth — Shelby Benson (Homer); Persuasive: Third — Delaney Hall (Laurel-Concord-Coleridge); fourth — Brittany Borchers (Battle Creek); Program Oral Interpretation: First — Bella Meyer (Boone Central); third — S. Benson (Homer); sixth — Alberto Cartela (Norfolk Catholic).

Class C2

Sweepstakes: Second — Hartington-Newcastle; third — Twin River;

Duet: Third — Dayton Sudbeck, Lane Heimes (Hartington-Newcastle); fourth — Kirk Hebda, Mason Rinkol (Twin River); fifth — Taylor Allen, Dakota Stutzman (Ainsworth); Entertainment: First — Greta Woodrik (Guardian Angels Central Catholic); third — Jack Schieffer (Crofton); fourth — Alexus Hans (Hartington-Newcastle); fifth — Austin Anderson (Twin River); sixth — Cole Heimes (Hartington-Newcastle);

Extemporaneous: First — Clay Brandenburger (Twin River); third — Tessa Cherry (Twin River); fifth — Caleb Kelly (Pender); Informative: Third — Kennedy Gotch (Hartington-Newcastle); Humorous Prose: Third — Leighton Medina (Plainview); sixth — Carson Hopping (Hartington-Newcastle);

OID: First — D. Sudbeck, Alivia Morten, Mani Lange, L. Heimes, C. Heimes (Hartington-Newcastle); second — Karter Lingenfelter, Jacson King, Brendan Weber, Brett Norris, L. Medina (Plainview); third — Issac Santiago, Carter Kelly, C. Hopping, Dane Gotch, Turner Dendinger (Hartington-Newcastle); fourth — K. Hebda, Brayden Rinkol, Austin Anderson, Clara Preister, Kadin Buhl (Twin River).

Poetry: Sixth — Ryell Haug (Hartington-Newcastle); Serious Prose: Third — I. Hass (GACC); fourth — Grace Kleinschmit (Hartington Cedar Catholic); Persuasive: Third — Roxy Ekberg (Pender); sixth — Reagan Choat (Plainview); Program Oral Interpretation: First — K. Gotch (Hartington-Newcastle); fifth — Grace Sagales (Twin River); sixth — Rori Schmidt (Crofton).

Class D1

Sweepstakes: First — Wausa; second — Humphrey; third — Riverside; fourth — Howells-Dodge; sixth — Osmond.

Duet: First — Matthew Alderson, James Doyle (Osmond); second — Landon Dobbins, Ness Krupka (Howells-Dodge); third — Erica Heiman, Erin Wagner (Osmond); fourth — Colton Baue, Brady Bloomquist (Wausa); fifth — Malaina Francis, Madison Reeves (St. Edward).

Entertainment: Second — Blair Fiala (Howells-Dodge); fourth — Colton Bernt (Riverside); sixth — Holly Johnson (Wausa); Extemporaneous: Third — Evan Howell (Howells-Dodge); fourth — Joel Johnson (Wausa); fifth — Austin Hemmingsen (Riverside);

Informative: First — Emma Rankin (Riverside); second — Erin Wagner (Osmond); third — Kilee Thorell (Wausa); fourth — Teagan Baumert (Clarkson); Humorous Prose: Second — Braydon Hoesing (Wausa); third — Jocelynn Dunn, (Lindsay Holy Family/Humphrey St. Francis); fourth — Sophia Dvorak (Howells-Dodge);

OID: First — Holly Johnson, Claire Kumm, Kilee Thorell, C. Baue, B. Bloomquist (Wausa); third — Karley Vering, Ashley Pfeifer, Abi Schneider, Noah Stone (Humphrey); fourth — Olivia Kuhlman, Peyton Zimmerer, Ben Johnson, Taylor Nilson, Brook Fanta (Creighton);

Poetry: First — Olivia Keller (Humphrey); third — Payton Fitchner (St. Edward); fourth — Samuel Pocasangre (Clarkson); fifth — Kayla Key (Creighton);

Serious Prose: Third — Seth Wiese (Holy Family/St. Francis); fourth — Abi Schneider (Humphrey); fifth — H. Johnson (Wausa); sixth — Bennett Novacek (Riverside);

Persuasive: Second — E. Rankin (Riverside); third — Avery Steven (Wausa); fifth — Dalton Weidner (Humphrey); Program Oral Interpretation: First — B. Hoesing (Wausa); second — O. Keller (Humphrey); fourth — Abi Schneider (Humphrey); fifth — Ashly Guillen (Clarkson); sixth — Emma Story (Wausa).

Class D2

Sweepstakes: First — Stuart; second — Chambers; third — O’Neill St. Mary’s; sixth — Wynot.

Duet Acting: First — Jude Krie, Colin Wieseler (Wynot); second — Emma Winkelbauer, Delaney Wohlert (St. Mary’s); fourth — Emma Otte, Kaylin Gaughenbaugh (St. Mary’s); Entertainment: First — William Paxton (Stuart); second — Matthew Dilly (Elgin Pope John); third — Holden Merkel (Wynot); fourth — Wyatt Ehlers (Chambers); sixth — K. Gaughenbaugh (St. Mary’s);

Extemporaneous: First — W. Paxton (Stuart); second — Dawson Heiser (Stuart); third — E. Winkelbauer (St. Mary’s); Informative: First — Chiana Tubbs (Stuart); third — Hannah Scott (Chambers); sixth — Linus Borer (Pope John); Humorous Prose: Second — Wyatt Ehlers (Chambers); fourth — Jack Barlow (Pope John); fifth — Ellie Atkeson (St. Mary’s).

OID: Fourth — Hannah Dodge, Isabelle Heimes, J. Krie, C. Wieseler, Eliza Lange (Wynot); fifth — Hunter Tubbs, Sydney Estill, Benjamin Paxton Lacey Paxton (Stuart); sixth — Kaylin Gaughenbaugh, E. Atkeson, Caitey Ruzicka, E. Otte, E. Winkelbauer (St. Mary’s);

Poetry: Second — Lacey Paxton (Stuart); fourth — Lilly Hoerle (Chambers); Serious Prose: First — S. Estill (Stuart); third — Claire Woeppel (Chambers); fourth — I. Heimes (Wynot); Persuasive: Fifth — H. Scott (Chambers); sixth — E. Borer (Pope John); Program Oral Interpretation: First — Claire Woeppel (Chambers); second — Addy Shald (St. Mary’s); sixth — Skyler Meis (Pope John).

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