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Dear Readers,

There is a story unfolding across our great country that most people are unaware of. In the last 15 years, more than 1,800 newspapers have simply closed their doors. That’s over 1,000 American communities now considered “news deserts,” with no trusted source of local journalism.

How, in these communities, will citizens stay reliably informed? Who will hold those in power accountable, exposing corruption, abuse of power, etc.?

The founding fathers of our nation told us that without a free, independent press, democracy cannot survive ... even locally. Understanding the importance of this, they guaranteed the freedom of the press as a crucial part of the First Amendment.

In addition, most people in Norfolk and the surrounding area are not aware that the Norfolk Daily News is the only independent, locally owned, daily newspaper left in Nebraska. They may not realize that most daily newspapers across the country, not just in Nebraska, are now owned by chains, which often have liberal agendas, and are controlled by people outside their communities.

When these chain organizations buy a newspaper, they generally gut them, reducing staff to bare minimums, and they stop all community advocacy and support.

In contrast, for more than 130 years, spanning five generations, the Daily News has been committed to bringing you all the stories and important information of Norfolk and Northeast/North Central Nebraska ­— about the people who make it special, the challenges being faced, the solutions that are found. We report the good and the bad, the triumphs and the sad.

It’s quality, community-focused journalism – the kind that Northeast and North Central Nebraska deserves.

The Daily News’ staff of well-trained journalists is larger than any other in the region. That’s how we can offer the kind of trusted, comprehensive, timely coverage ­— to inform and entertain, both online and in print ­— that this corner of the state wants. The reality is that other types of media are very segmented, depending on who is listening or watching at any given time.

In addition to reporting the news, the Daily News also embodies strong community advocacy ­— always seeking what is best for Norfolk and Northeast/North Central Nebraska.

Consider the many things the Daily News sponsors ­— Community Conversations, the Norfolk Area Business Hall of Fame program, the Norfolk Area Person of the Year program, a summer reading program for children, the Newspaper In Education program in schools across the area and the annual Fit N Fun festival.

Consider the many charitable contributions made to a host of community events, and all the causes we have helped champion over the years. All those efforts, contributions and partnerships are possible because of local ownership.

Do you value the local, family ownership of the Daily News and its longtime commitment to being a strong community advocate? Do you appreciate the conservative influence that the Daily News espouses in its editorials?

If so, then we’re asking you to partner with us as we look to the future.

How you can partner with us

If you’re a subscriber, thank you. If you’re not, we’d love for you to take a look. Our print and digital subscriptions unlock comprehensive local journalism, photos, videos and tools, connecting you with news and important information relevant to your life, family and community.

Our website, complete with the latest breaking news, is brimming with more content to inform and entertain than ever before, some of which will soon require a digital subscription.

Just as you can’t afford to give away your services and products, so too, as of Monday, Aug. 19, we will begin charging a small fee for our extensive online content.

We hope you will consider all that we offer online to be worth the cost of a cup of coffee ­— $4.99 — one time per month. 

Your print subscription will include full digital access, but you also may choose just a digital subscription. If you are already a print subscriber, go on our website to register for your digital package at no extra charge.

If you’re a business, the Daily News wants to partner with you to help you grow and prosper. In this day and age, when there are many ways a business can market its products or services, who else but the Daily News offers 2.3 readers per paid copy of our printed paper? That’s roughly 24,000 people who will see your print ad come into their homes, six days a week.

Our digital audience on our website, smartphone app and other platforms has skyrocketed. We also reach audiences through email newsletters, social media and alerts. Our website consistently receives nearly 2 million verified page views per month from 154,000 separate devices.

What business wouldn’t want that kind of exposure as part of its marketing plan? Utilizing our website, mobile app, Facebook page, daily email newsletter, email blasts, geotargeting and geofencing, Twitter and website design, we offer the most effective online exposure in Northeast and North Central Nebraska.

We would value your partnership

Visit www.norfolkdailynews.com to subscribe or advertise, or call us at 402-371-1020.

Now more than ever, local journalism matters, especially trusted, comprehensive, timely journalism that is committed to strong community advocacy. That’s what the Daily News is all about.

As a quality community, we need each other. Democracy must have a strong free press to survive. That’s true locally, that’s true nationally.

Thank you for your support. Again, we’ve been committed to this for five generations, and Lord willing, we will continue on for generations to come.

Sincerely, Bill Huse

Bill Huse

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