Grandma was a quiet woman

Sweet as the lilac bush

Behind her house

And when she talked

Her voice was soft

Like a whisper in the breeze.

I liked visiting grandma’s house

Knowing full well that

She always had a Bing

Or M & M’s in her middle shelf

Of her pantry

Just waiting for us kids.

When grandpa died

Grandma came to the farm

To live with us,

We liked having her

And every day she wore

A clean, fresh apron.

Grandma cooked a lot

Of meals for us,

Did lots of dishes

And helped mom with the laundry,

Wore her bonnet

When hanging clothes on the line.

Grandma was diabetic

And gave herself a shot of insulin-

Pinched her thigh to do it

Every morning at breakfast,

And I cringed every time

I watched her from the kitchen table.

She slept upstairs in the same bedroom

My brothers and I did,

Our room partitioned off

By a long and tall bookshelf

And during the night you could hear her

Using the port a –pot in the walk-in closet.

One evening grandma tripped

Coming down our stairs-

Landed at the bottom,

And dad had me hold her up

Sitting against the door while he put sugar

Under her tongue for her coma.

I felt so sorry for her

But she came through with nothing broken,

And I left home for the Navy that year

And grandma was still there

Having another downstairs fall later-

This time breaking her hip.

This time she was in the hospital

And then sent to the nursing home-

Dying a few months later

And I was saddened I couldn’t attend

Her funeral to see her once more-

To see and feel her sweetness again.

Grandma was 86 when she passed

And I felt lucky to have known her,

Thankful she had been there in our lives,

To feel her love, warmth and caring,

Though that left an emptiness in my heart—

Thankfully, I will always have her memories.

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