In the hayloft of the barn
Straw bales are stacked high,
Like stair steps to the ceiling,
A brown haired boy
And a blonde haired girl
Sitting together on one
Nearest two camel-back trunks,
Again today, they have come
To search through the trunks-
One full of old women’s hats,
Gloves and jewelry,
One full of old pictures,
The girl places a hat on her head,
Long handed finger gloves
That follow half up her arms,
And the boy puts ear rings
On her ears,
Necklaces around her neck,
A ring on her finger,
And together,
They search through the pictures
That are decades old,
Smiling and laughing at them,
Trying to relive
The lives in those photo shots
Until finally,
One of them catches
Both their eyes,
And they stop-
Look at the old couple
Holding hands in it,
As they too
Clasp their own hands
And they look to each other
Kiss for their first time-
The picture from the trunk
Now held tightly
Between both their hearts.

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