Short Story

It was a beautiful bright summery day, and George and Henry were sitting side by side in their favorite rocking chairs on the front porch. The other residents of the assisted living seemed to understand that it was their special place to sit and talk.

The guys were both ninety years old and shared the same birthday. They came to live here a week apart and had no family or friends nearby to come and see them. So, rarely having visitors and sharing a room, they drew closer together, becoming inseparable friends. They ate meals at the same table and were there to cheer each other up.

If one got sick, the other sat by him. At first this was not allowed because the staff didn't want both to be sick, and it was against the rules. But after the one was caught sneaking in to see his sick friend, they let him stay. It always seemed to help each of them recover faster.

Like any other day, they now sat in the sun, enjoying each other's company and visiting.

"You know what, George? Mabel sure didn't look like she was feeling very good at breakfast."

"Yeah, I noticed that. Sure hope she isn't catching that flu going around."

"And did you notice too, George, that Mrs. Fisher now uses a walker?"

"Yep, she sure is a talker all right," laughed his friend.

"No, George," said Henry. "Didn't you see her pushing that walker in front of her as she came to breakfast? Boy, I sure hope I never have to use a walker. Why, Harvey said sometimes when he is walking with his he feels like it gets in the way. He would like to pick it up and toss it aside."

"Boy, wouldn't that be funny to see?" laughed George.

Henry chuckled, then said, "I noticed, too, that Harry kept falling asleep while eating breakfast."

"No, I don't think we are having a meeting today like we did yesterday," answered George.

"Darn it, George, your hearing aid must need new batteries," Henry said as he shook his head back and forth.

Just then a car pulled into the parking lot. "Hey, George, here comes Miss Allison. She sure is pretty and so nice."

"Yeah, and her mother is so lucky to have a daughter who comes to see her every day. Hey, at least we have each other."

"Shhhh, here she comes," said Henry as he poked George in the ribs.

"Good morning, Miss Allison," they both said in unison.

"Why good morning, George and Henry. I see you are outside enjoying the sun already. You guys have a good day," she hugged them both and went inside.

"Sure wish I was sixty-five years younger, George."

"Me, too, Henry, and I'd probably take her away from you."

"No, George, wouldn't it feel good to be young again and in love. Those were the good ole days."

"Yep, we are sure set in our ways," chuckled George. "Like they say, 'You can't teach an old goat new tricks.'"

"You mean an old dog, don't you?"

"No I said an old goat not a hog. I remember though once my little brother told me to not hog all the covers. I'm still not sure yet what he meant by that. Some of these ole sayings can be quite confusing, but funny too."

"Hey, George, remember this one? 'It's raining cats and dogs out.'"

"That one is ridiculous. The whole world would be overcrowded with cats and dogs. And how about this one, 'Don't bite the hand that feeds you.'"

"That's a good one. If someone was feeding you, why would you want to bite their hand? Or if you are feeding yourself, why would you bite your own hand? Hey, George, what about this one? 'Was you born in a barn?'"

"We did have a big red barn on our farm with a hayloft," said George. "We would swing from a rope and land in the hay. That was lots of fun."

"Yes, George, I think we may be getting too much sun. Anyway, I'm getting hot."

"No, Henry, no. You aren't hearing me. Do you have your hearing aids turned down again?" He asked, pointing to Henry's ears. "Or do they need new batteries? You aren't making sense."

"Dog gone it, George. Did you ever think it might be you?"

Just then the door opened and out walked Miss Allison. "Guys, you'd better go inside for awhile before you get a bad sunburn. You two take care now. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye, George. Bye, Henry."

She walked to her car, got in and waved out the window as she drove away. George and Henry just sat there waving as they watched her car disappear down the street into the traffic.

Just then the dinner bell rang out loudly.

"You'd better answer the phone, George."

"Darn it, Henry, I don't have a phone. Let's go put some new batteries in our hearing aids. Then we better go see if it's dinner time yet. I'm starved."

They slowly got up out of their rocking chairs, grabbed their walkers, and headed for the door.

"Oh my gosh," moaned George. "I think I did get a sunburn."

"Me too," said Henry, "but at least we can still sit down. Our butts were covered because we were sitting on them."

"Ha, ha," laughed George, "that's funny, but it is true."

"You are so good to me, George. I'm truly blessed to have you as a friend. Come on I'll race you to our room."

Henry was right. He and George were more blessed than they would ever know. It was the Lord who brought them together. At last, close to the end of their lives, they met, and came to love each other like brothers. You see, George and Henry were separated at birth.

Boy, won't Henry and George be surprised when they get to heaven and find out they are not only friends, but twins!

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