Circuit boards, resistors, SIM cards and such

Sans current, its heartbeat, technology isn't much

When it breaks down it's no fun, no siree

It's a love-hate relationship, don't you agree?

You intrigued me so I took an electronics class.

I hoped to be good friends, but I struggled to pass.

I wanted to understand you. Hey, a girl can dream.

It's a love-hate relationship, I wanted to scream.

Volts, ohms and farads were the next thing to study

But when I get stressed out, my brain goes all muddy.

I might have a chance, if I could remember the formulas

Our relationship is still love-hate, or it was.

Right now my computer is working just fine.

Reluctantly I guess, I'll claim it, "it's mine."

A push of this button should cause my poem to print.

If not, our love-hate thing is over. Take a hint.

In other news