It all began so many years ago--so I have always been told.

When Dad signed a paper saying I could go to first grade.

I had no birth certificate, with my name (only a number)

To prove I belonged on the Meyer family tree!!

'Too young!! Too young!!' is what I was always told!!

I really wanted to pay full price to go to the local movie house,

Couldn't wait 'til I was old enough...--I suppose 10 or 12!

I knew that I'd be able to sit as quiet as a mouse.

Once I noticed there were no children there--

Those boys and girls-- were they all older than I?

When would I be old enough to join the happy throng?

Sometimes I thought that I would almost cry!

Had to hitch a ride to Wayne when I went to summer school;--

Even had to ride a bus to Laurel from Naper one day!

Sure glad Aunt Tillie had friends who took me on to school--

Folks still thought I was not old enough to go my own merry way!!

Dad didn't let me drive a car--didn't even let me behind the wheel!

But oh, to be old enough I thought I could not wait!

I graduated, then taught school, but still I had no transportation--.

Dad just thought he'd chauffeur me--,make sure I was not late.

"I'm old enough" I shouted the day I bought a car--

I'm old enough to take Mom for a ride,

But when I hit the gas pedal,I had shifted in reverse.

The garden fence looked not so good, I thought I'd best go hide.

I'm old enough now, at twenty years-- I thought with glee,

When away I went with my intended groom,

But alas, I was not old enough--Mom had to sign a paper,

Saying I could marry, Oh My! My day was filled with gloom.

I finally got my birth certificate--but Dad had to sign his name.

The county superintendent had to verify my claim!

I was oh so happy, I could just shout with glee,

For I knew that now I had my claim to fame.

Then, for what seemed like an eternity, no one mentioned it again

Until last week--'twas just a simple thing, a luncheon with a friend.

"Your senior discount" the waiter said with just a whisper--

"Please show your card--and a discount I will tend!”

Alack Alas, I quickly dug my card out of my purse--

And knew at last I was old enough! I really was a winner!

Finally folks do believe me--it really makes me happy!

I'm old enough to get a senior discount on each and every dinner!

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