With everyone taking more care to ensure their homes are kept germ-free due to the spread of coronavirus, disinfectant spray supplies could be left diminished at your local supermarket. But these common household items can be turned into effective cleaning solutions - and may also save you a trip to the store.


When a flushed toilet releases tiny particles of bacteria into the air, some can land on your exposed toothbrush. Protect yours by dipping the brush end into a glass of mouthwash to get rid of any bacteria before using it to clean your teeth.

Half a lemon

If your knives have been sitting in their holder untouched and unloved for a while, the blades can start to rust. Combat this by rubbing the rust with half a lemon. The juice is effective at removing it to leave your steel glistening once again.


A wet kitchen sponge is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Instead of leaving yours next to the sink to dry slowly, pop it in the microwave for two minutes. By the time it comes out the sponge will be dry and any bacteria will have been killed off by the heat.

A sock

If the blinds in your window are looking a bit dusty, pull a sock onto your hand and use it to wipe each section clean. Use your thumb to hold underneath the blind while dislodging the dust.

Water and vinegar

Combine water and vinegar in a bowl to create your own homemade disinfectant. By dipping a cloth into the solution you can easily clean phones or other dirty surfaces. Simply add detergent for more stubborn grime.

Fizzy drinks

If there's burned-on food left at the bottom of a frying pan, instead of soaking it overnight, get rid of it quickly with a can of Sprite. Pour the drink into the pan, boil it up and empty it out. Then just give the pan a wipe and it should be sparkling clean. By filling a spray bottle with coke, you can get rid of rust or dirt around the kitchen sink to leave metal surfaces gleaming.


Add a dab of vodka to a cloth to effectively clean glasses lenses or other screens.

Coffee filter

If the television screen is looking a bit dusty, use a coffee filter to effectively remove any grime. Just open it up and wipe the screen to collect the dust and leave the screen ready for you to continue your box set marathon.

Cucumber peel

If children have been let loose with marker pens and drawn on the wall, the juice in the peel of the cucumber can get rid of it quickly. While a soap and water solution might not be strong enough to get rid of the colored ink quickly, the cucumber will have it off in no time.

In other news

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