You opt for sleep over sex

You stop kissing each other goodbye

Lack of date nights

You don’t go on dates anymore

You don’t cuddle up on the sofa

You forget to say “I love you”

You go to bed at different times

You assume one of you will do all the chores

You spend the evening sitting in different rooms

Watch TV in separate rooms

Not letting each other know about plans that have been made

Not excited at the prospect of one-on-one time

You stop celebrating anniversaries

You don’t talk about your day to each other

Don’t bother with Valentine’s Day

You forget important dates

Forget to say thank you

Slacking on chores or doing half jobs

Saying “I love you” out of habit rather than actually meaning it

Your partner is on their phone while having a conversation with you

The little phone calls at work stop

No little notes or silly texts

Less “in-jokes”

You dress down more when you are with each other

You eat at different times in the evening

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