If you're thinking about a new diet as your New Year's resolution . . . well, I suppose this could be an option?

There's a dietician from Australia who says that if you want to lose weight, you should eat BANANA PEELS.

She says that because of all of the fiber and vitamins in the peel there are a ton of health benefits beyond just the weight loss too . . . and if you are able to eat them, then you can also improve your sleep and have better skin too.

But she realizes that it's a big ask to get people to eat the peels of the bananas . . . so she recommends cooking the peels to make them soft, then blending them into a smoothie. 

It still sounds super nasty!!

(New York Post)

In other news

As much as I love cheese, that is not exactly the smell that I want just randomly for my home . . . but hey, if you do, here's the just product for you.

A blessed California waitress was the recipient of a huge gift when a customer tipped her $1,000 after the restaurant she worked at had to close for a week.  

Ironically the day "Sesame Street" received its Kennedy Center Honor, the man who gave voice to two of the most popular characters on the children's TV series died. There's no word on the cause of death, but his family says he'd been living with a "movement disorder" called dystonia for some time.