Tupperware Straw

Do you remember Tupperware from your childhood? Those famous Tupperware parties that your mom would go to, or have at your house? Well Tupperware is still around and trying to step it up a notch, or two!!

Because the direct sales has to a point hampered the company's growth, they've recently opened a pop-up store, called TuppSoho in New York City, and are also banking on a relaunched website to help turn it around.

Tupperware is trying to get recognized beyond just being storage for leftovers. The store features new luxury cookware, a $40 cold brew carafe, a $15 apple keeper and a $25 reusable straw. The latter isn't available in catalogs or online: It's sold exclusively at the store. And even with plastic falling out of favor they plug the fact they are a heavier plastic that lasts for years.

So maybe it's time to check out Tupperware again!

In other news

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Well the only cashier at a gas station near Grand Rapids, Michigan got so sick this month, he ended up having to call 911. But, thankfully for him the store didn't have to shut down . . .

Here's some very good news from Disney/Marvel, they are officially moving forward with Captain Marvel 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Unfortunately, I have some very sad news for you peanut lovers out there. Planters has killed off MR. PEANUT!!!

Whoopi Goldberg was overcome with emotion after receiving a personal invitation from Sir Patrick Stewart to reprise her role as Guinan, the alien bartender she played from 1988-1993 on Star Trek: The Next Generation, for the second season of his new show Star Trek: Picard.