Ta Ha Zouka

If you live in a concrete jungle and feeling blue, listen up.

Researchers from the University of Vermont claim in a new study that visiting a city park will make you feel as happy as Christmas Day.

The three-month study analyzed hundreds of tweets made every day by Twitter users who visited one of San Francisco's 160 parks.  It found that people acted more positive and expressed fewer negative emotions after a park visit.  The study also found that the positive activity after a park visit rivaled tweets made on Christmas Day, which is statistically the happiest day of the year on Twitter.

Researchers also noted that the parks' effects carried over for the next several hours.  

Lead researcher Aaron Schwartz says, “We found that, yes, across all the tweets, people are happier in parks.  But the effect was stronger in large regional parks with extensive tree cover and vegetation.”

Researchers believe this study can make a strong case for more green space in urban areas due to the mental health implications.

The study is published in the scientific journal People and Nature.

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