Since 2018, Toto has been celebrating its 40th anniversary all across the globe on their 40 Trips Around the Sun trek.

Now, the band's releasing a concert album and video called -- you guessed it -- 40 Tours Around the Sun. Digital video and audio versions of the release will arrive on Friday, September 13, while two-CD and three-LP sets will follow a week later.

Then, on November 15, DVD and Blu-ray editions of the 40 Tours Around the Sun video will hit stores. The releases feature footage from a sold-out concert Toto played in March 2019 at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

In other news

In August, after Popeyes announced it was launching a chicken sandwich, it started a nationwide craze, leading to long lines, shortages, and, at least in one case, a gunpoint robbery.

Eddie Money, the prolific singer and songwriter whose songs “Baby Hold On,” “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “Shakin'” and “Take Me Home Tonight”  soundtracked popular music in the 1980s, died Friday (Sept. 13). He was 70.

If Friday the 13th already makes you a little jumpy, you should know that the one coming up this Friday might feel a little creepier than usual.

Breakfast is serious business in the hyper-competitive world of fast food. Wendy’s is the latest to announce a big investment in getting morning customers.

Most new parents are used to being awoken by hearing their babies crying via a staticky monitor. But in its quest to be part of every aspect of your life, Google has now patented tech that will sense when your baby's about to wake up, and give you a heads-up as soon as he or she opens her eyes.