Justice Remixed

While one might not necessarily think that ice cream and criminal justice reform go together, like, well, vanilla and chocolate, most ice cream companies aren't Ben & Jerry's.

Its eponymous creators Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have just launched Justice Remix'd, an ice cream flavor made to raise awareness -- and money -- for criminal justice reform.

The limited edition flavor, described as, "cinnamon and chocolate ice creams, overflowing with gobs of cinnamon bun dough and spicy fudge brownies," was developed because "everyone deserves the sweet taste of justice, regardless of race or wealth," according to the company.

The pair have also started a website related to the issue, benjerry.com/justice.

Cohen explains, "Our approach to creating social change is to raise up the work non-profits are doing on the ground...We bring every resource we have to support them -- our business voice, our...fans...and of course ice cream."

To this end, proceeds from the flavor will benefit the Advancement Project, "in supporting reforms that invest in people instead of prisons." The company calls the non-profit, "a national next-generation civil rights organization working to end systemic racism."

Founded in 1978, the company has previously used its ice cream to raise awareness on a host of social causes from environmentalism to voting rights and Occupy Wall Street.

As Cohen says in a press release about Justice Remix'd, "Somehow it's easier to talk about difficult issues over a scoop or two."

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