Here's something to celebrate, it's National Ravioli Day. 

Hopefully you stocked up on frozen ravioli or cans of Chef Boyardee during one of your Costco hauls so you can celebrate the holiday.

Anyway, here are results from a survey on National Ravioli Day . . .

1. 87% of Americans say they like ravioli, and 8% even say it's their FAVORITE FOOD.

2. The most popular filling for ravioli is, obviously, cheese. It beat out sausage, chicken, lobster, and spinach.

3. 12% of Americans say ravioli is one of the FANCIEST types of pastas . . . and 6% have served it to impress someone.

4. And finally, people weighed in on the debate of whether Pop Tarts are ravioli. 82% say no . . . but 18% say yes. 

(National Today)

In other news

Google will provide Chromebook laptops and over 100,000 WiFi access points throughout California for a minimum of three months for free to help students continue their education remotely amid the pandemic, Governor Gavin Newsom announced late last week. 

Lucky, an Asian elephant who resides at the San Antonio Zoo, turned 60 on Sunday, reaching an age more than a decade older than her species' average life expectancy.

Has anyone tried this pizza hack? Apparently it makes a big difference when you order pizza. Especially if you got a pizza with really good crust.