Show of hands, how many people remember the Woodstock 50th anniversary show that never happened because it fell apart? Well, at least there is one good thing that came from it.

Even though the show did NOT go on, the artists who were booked for the show still got paid. And John Fogerty from Creedence Clearwater Revival was one of those artists.

John decided to use his paycheck to buy a house for a veteran in Las Vegas. The house is at a place called Veterans Village, a complex for in-need veterans and their families, where homes are made from re-purposed shipping containers.

John will be on-hand to participate in a special groundbreaking ceremony on November 11th, which is Veteran's Day.

He says, quote, "I'm not used to getting paid for doing nothing . . . [So I decided to] do something for veterans, 'cause that's important to me."

(ABC News)

In other news

Alright so if you're a cat person, you'll love this: There is a guy out in Utah named Philip Rogich who's trying to help as many feral cats as he possibly can to make it through the winter.

Enjoy this funny video of a whimpering dog named Apollo, who's in front of the TV. The dog's upset because the show has been paused. But as soon as it starts back up, he's okay . . . until it gets paused it again.

Remember last week I was telling you about the Pringles  Thanksgiving meal kits? The ones filled with chips that taste like turkey, duck, chicken, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. 

Astronomers announced that they have spotted a star heading out of the Milky Way, this after an encounter with the super-massive black hole at the center of the galaxy.