This time of year is a difficult time to try to watch what you eat. In fact you're probably going to watch the 20,000 calories worth of desserts going into your mouth.

According to a new survey, we basically just "write off" the end of the year when it comes to our health and our diets.

41% of people use the holidays as a reason to skip on healthy habits . . . and one in three have already started postponing those habits until January.

The survey also found 47% of people say they already know they'll give in and break their diet during the holiday season. The top foods  we break our diet for are cookies . . . pies and cakes . . . and home-cooked holiday meals.

30% of people say they've had a moment during the holidays where they've unbuttoned their pants because they ate too much. Who of us hasn't right?!

And overall, the average American will gain SIX pounds over the next month-and-a-half. That's the same amount of weight we packed on last year. 

(Yahoo News)

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