This is just a really neat idea! A couple named Carl Buchanon and Cathy Macaione live in South Bend, Indiana. And they were worried about people getting caught out in cold weather this winter.

So they've been taking old coats and gloves they don't need anymore, and putting them in different spots around town for anyone to use as EMERGENCY winter wear.

They tie them to trees and telephone poles. Then they attach a sign to each one that says, "If you are stuck in the cold, please take this."

They're doing it now because the weather hasn't been too cold yet. But it's been getting colder.

The first round of coats they put out were gone in a day. Now they're asking people to donate more so they can keep doing it.

They're doing another round of coats this Saturday. And they're hoping it starts a trend, where other people around the country start doing it. 


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