Raise your hand if you've washed your hair before bed only to wake up to a drenched pillow.

Enter DryZZZ. It's an innovative pillowcase designed to dry your hair while you snooze.

One side of the pillowcase is a regular one; the the other side is made of microfiber with a waterproof liner underneath. In addition to helping to dry your wet hair, the pillowcase can also be used to help solve other liquid bedtime woes, such as night sweats, drooling and hair dye rubbing off on your good linens.

The concept was dreamed up and launched by two Miami-based sisters, who are businesswomen and stay-at-home moms. The inspiration came after one sister noticed her daughter place a towel on her pillow after wetting her hair in the shower.

Currently, the pillowcases comes in 12 unique designs, including popular sayings such as "good night, sleep tight" and graphic designs featuring eyelashes or polka dots. Prices start around $20, and they can be purchased at retailers including Bed Bath & Beyond, or on the DryZZZ website.

In other news

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