A live news report on the Good Morning Greece show was brought to an abrupt standstill as the reporter Lazos Mantikos was accosted by a large sow. The pig could be seen headbutting and biting the unfortunate reporter as he attempted to deliver his report from the town of Kineta, which has been badly hit by mudslides and flooding. 

In other news

As much as I love cheese, that is not exactly the smell that I want just randomly for my home . . . but hey, if you do, here's the just product for you.

A blessed California waitress was the recipient of a huge gift when a customer tipped her $1,000 after the restaurant she worked at had to close for a week.  

Ironically the day "Sesame Street" received its Kennedy Center Honor, the man who gave voice to two of the most popular characters on the children's TV series died. There's no word on the cause of death, but his family says he'd been living with a "movement disorder" called dystonia for some time.